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Dr. John Donovan - Member Lowell Board of Health

Dr. John Donovan – Member Lowell Board of Health

Chiropractic Treatment Testimonials

Marianne S. – Dancer

I believe in chiropractic work. Dr. Donovan was the 10th doctor I visited over 15 years, and the first one to X-ray my neck and use ice therapy! Now I heal more quickly after many hours of ballroom dancing. With exercises and traction, I am retraining the curve in my neck from its arthritic, forward leaning posture to a healthy bend.

Peter A. – Computer User

I am an engineer and am hunched over the PC keyboard for 10 to 12 hours during crunch times. Sometimes pain in my neck or wrists make me stop working. I can drop in to see Dr. Donovan on the way to work or after lunch and be able to meet deadlines. The exercises I was taught help to prevent the repetitive stress, and I’m learning to use my other shoulder to even out the load.

Maryellen P. – Fibromyalgia Sufferer

With my fibromyalgia, pain is a constant thing to manage. Dr. Donovan is able to release almost all of the pain that builds up in my muscles on the worst days. This ability to have times that are free of pain means I can actually keep a full time job even with this illness.

Jim X. – Active Sports Teen

My mom goes to Dr. Donovan so when I hurt my back playing football, I knew I could get help too. There are more teenagers here than I thought. Other kids have back pain from growing too fast or from scoliosis, and we work on strengthening our backs here.

Margaret M. – Middle Aged Worker

My job is very stressful, especially since the layoffs. I am thankful that Dr. Donovan can help me maintain comfort and the ability to go to work without pain. He’s helped me feel a lot more youthful than my middle age and that means a lot to me!

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Don't Let Your Spine - Get On Your Nerves!

Every patient recovers at their own pace. Factors which can affect the healing process include your age, your overall health condition, muscle tone, diet and even your attitude. Other factors include physical, chemical and mental stresses you have now and have had in the past.